Thursday, June 2, 2011

i love my friends. the ones that are always there :) the ones that no matter what will never treat you any differently and will always stand by your side when you need them the most. the ones that you can honestly say that you have spilled your heart to and know they would never want to hurt you. the friends you can have confidence that you are gonna get married and have kids and still will be best friends.

even if they are tiny.

but let me say. i love all my friends. all of them :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


So I have to say that I'm better about blogging when I'm at school hahaha but I wanna fill errybody in about what's going on with Marti's house and how excited I am about it!! Hopefully tomorrow I will have time!! Goodnightt!! Love youu!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


he's coming.
later on
i mean.

he'll come shining.
past that ones
who couldn't compare.

he'll be there.
the only one i see.
and nothing
not one thing
will keep him away.

i have to believe
that he's coming
i mean.
if i didn't
then surely
i wouldn't hope
and dream of him.

but for now
fill that hole.

better still
be that hole

Friday, May 6, 2011

so i may or may not have a slight obsession with just sayin :)
here's a couple of my favorites from today :)

none of them really have too much in common other than the fact that i really like them... and my downloads says that those are only what four of the one hundred and two that i saved on my computer today :) tehehehehehe

tonight i will be working a youth lock in at the church in lynchburg that i've been going to. i'm excited. hopefully the kids like it. gahhh i'm kinda nervous. and then i'll be back tomorrow and do some nappin and studying and then hanging out with hannah and uriah and allyson and jeremy. it's weird i really didn't think i would be getting close with anyone in the little bit of time i had left. but i ended up getting really close to them. especially hannah. it makes my heart happy. and ps i dunno if i've told you but i'm gonna be a prayer leader next year!! ahhh!! i'm soo stoked!! i'm kinda scared because it's like a ton of scripture to memorize which i know i'll do but like i'm kinda like ahhh what if the girls dont like me ya know? hopefully that wont be a problem. i'm a generally fun person yeah? so whatever i'm just gonna trust in God and know that He is gonna give me the words to say to these girls because i'm going to be growing in my faith all the time and im praying that God will work through me and build up theirs too :)

i love you mucho and richmond dont miss me too much longer cause i'll be home tuesday!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


some girls are just way too into drama. it blows my mind. i dont understand. why would you wanna put yourself into a situation between other people that you have no business being in? it's unnecessary stress. like seriously? i mean i'm sure there are guys that do it, but thank the Lord i have my choice girl friends that i'm really close to and don't have to deal with that stupid crap. honestly. and how can you tell someone what to do? especially now? um i'm not sure if you've noticed but we're in college and live on our own now. for reals umm yeah i'm pretty sure we can make our own decisions on how we want to approach confrontation. we all have our own way of dealing with things and my lanta if someone wants to get the advice of others on a particular situation then they should be able to. and you know what else FRIENDS AREN'T PROPERTY! they are people and have their own free will and no one has to report to anyone about who they can and cannot say hey to or hang out with. ridiculous. that's petty. it's also not practical to ask questions if you dont wanna know the answer. i understand that yes sometimes it's hurtful, but you asked. how can you be mad when you asked? and how can you expect someone to want to be with you when you gang up on them. that's asking too much. i just feel like it isn't necessary. it's none of my business but my day when you say that i'm one of the people that say you can't hang out that's a little o.d. i dont do anything to anyone but be nice. rawr.
again i'm glad that i couldn't care less what any says about me. i'm over girls and their stupid petty drama. i'm so glad the Lord blessed me that way. after everything i've been through He brought me out on top. thank you God.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


i love my friends and i wanna hang out, but the work has piled up. i went this whole semester with like no work and now.. ugh. stress to the max. and on top of that i'm ready to kick my roomates. they are loud all the time, like when i'm trying to sleep or study or whatever. and the room is friggin messy as i dont know what! it's ridiculous!! im sad to leave my friends here, but man oh man am i ready to get the heck outta that room!! i got my prayer leader form in yesterday, so hopefully i'll get that, and if not then it wasn't meant to be and maybe i'll try again next semester. i'm not worried about it. i love you!!